Monday, September 9, 2013

God's Pocket Jukebox - #9 - Debbie Taylor - How Long Can This Last (1969)

We think the best way to follow pop R&B (and end Side 1 of the 'tape') is with this heart rending performance. Like many fine soul ballads of the era, the song was a B side to an up tempo tune, in this case Don't Let It End. The singer's apparent longevity doubts proved prophetic - by 1975 Debbie Taylor had stopped recording altogether, ending with "I Don't Wanna Leave You", also a fine tune, but off the remit of this compilation.

Half way through God's Pocket Jukebox, so stick around for Side 2...


  1. Great post (as usual) - any ideas where I can get this track on CD?

  2. It's a tune on the CD pictured, can be bought here: