Thursday, January 3, 2013

Featured Artist - Faron Young (Part One)

From Shreveport, Louisiana, "The Young SheriffFaron Young's strong tenor vocal was perfect for both the 1950's honky-tonk era and the more pop-oriented 1960's Nashville sound ushered in by the advent of rock and roll.  He came to attention performing on the Louisiana Hayride in 1951, and the following year signed to Capitol. Label producer Ken Nelson, upon hearing Young singing unannounced on his car radio, was so impressed that he drove to the radio station to ask the DJ whose voice he had just heard. The singer remained with Capitol for 10 years with great success, and maintained a presence on the Country charts after leaving with a string of hit records on Mercury throughout the 60's & into the 70's.

Primarily, it's the unadorned earlier recording we're interested in here and throughout this month we'll feature a collection of around 20 performances,  including some 60's TV shows as well as on record, starting with the four tunes below:

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