Friday, July 20, 2012

Cloudcasts - Midnight Hour on Mixcloud

We've been running this blog for 18 months and have recently discovered Mixcloud.  We'll be uploading 60 minute Cloudcasts on a regular basis to what we've cunningly called the Midnight Hour. Although of course this can be played at any old hour of the day.

Follow the link above and there are 2 sets of tunes already.  Each Cloudcast has a theme of sorts, it just makes it more interesting to put together. The tunes feature some  previously posted each month as YouTube links, while others will be new.  Feel free to email the blog any you think worthy of inclusion - they just need to fit with the overall theme of GEJ, which we think is clear enough.

Like everything we've done with this blog, whenever we've done anything new it's been the first time we've done it.  So if you do listen please excuse technical glitches - we're doing this in our spare time.

Just to emphasise again, Mark Lamarr is not involved in the production of the blog at all, but there are links to his broadcasting post God's Jukebox in the Archive section, and in fact he's on web radio tonight.  More info here.  If we hear of any other broadcasting Mark plans in the future, we'll let you know.

Thanks for reading.

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