Monday, May 7, 2012

Kipper the Cat Show - Cambridge105fm - 08/05/2012


Thanks to Greg for this info - for those who don't follow on twitter.

On Tuesday 8th May Mark returns once more to the airwaves with a special edition of the "Kipper the Cat" Show where he joins hosts Greg Butler and Darren Harte. Recorded in Mark's Record Cellar, he plays some of his favourite 78s. You can tune in on from 9pm to 11pm - The show will then be available a few days after as a podcast from the same website address. 


  1. For those that missed it the first time round IT's UP!! The Podcast of the Kipper the Cat show recorded with MARK LAMARR in his underground record bunker! Listen on-line or download now

  2. Just listened to it.

    Great show with great music.

    I started collecting 78's a few years ago and bought my first 78 from Greg !

    Really miss Mark on the radio !

  3. Fabulous to hear Mark again. Please come back onto national radio, we miss you!

  4. Bring back Mark Lamarr.

  5. We need him back on the wireless. There are only a handful of DJ's worth their salt at moment & none of them won Sony awards.

    If you don't have a dab or a computer, you're buggered.

    It seems celebrity or 'personality' DJ's are being praised by awards people as well as the BBC. Although I feel the BBC is so big & wieldy now that if Steve Wright went outwith his usual routine, they'd have something to say. What I'm saying is that they don't seem particularly robust in judgement. It's just business.

    I think I'm losing faith in big entities. Everyone's got a fucking iphone, ipad, imac, big mac for christ's sake but few of us give a damn what they are listening to.

    My mother is a big fan of Susan Boyle & possibly the show with the dog which does tricks - Substance, virtue & taste is in the toilet.

    Best Regards