Friday, March 16, 2012

Gospel Slot - Reverend Crum & His Mighty Golden Keys - Don't You Know Me Thomas

Last summer, Mark posted about a gospel compilation he had been working on for Vee-Tone Records and in December 2011, Screaming Gospel Holy Rollers Volumes One & Two were released.  Here's the first song from the first CD

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  1. on Tuesday 8th May Mark returns once more to the airwaves with a special edition of the "Kipper the Cat" Show where he joins hosts Greg Butler and Darren Harte. Recorded in Mark's Record Cellar, he plays some of his favourite 78s and this Gospel 78 is included in the programme. You can tune in on from 9pm to 11pm - The show will then be available a few days after as a podcast from the same website address.