Tuesday, January 24, 2012

God's Jukebox Playlist

In case this hasn't already come to your attention, this post is an alert pointing readers to an excellent Spotify playlist compiled by a reader, with over 4,000 tunes previously played on God's Jukebox.

With a selection of God's Jukebox live session tracks recently added to the Rockabilly DJ podcast page, 2012 has begun much better than 2010 ended.



  1. It is a crying shame that the only way folks can hear the remarkable session recordings is via samizdat reposting of them. I don't understand why, in this digital age, the BBC can't make their cornucopia of session recordings commercially available for download. This would create revenue for the financially straitened Beeb and maybe even earn a few shekels for the musicians involved.
    The way the BBC contracts are written for sessions, they could easily exploit this resource and make it fair for all parties, using a department of maybe two or three people. And they bleat on about the cuts in budget and not enough licence fee. How many thousands of hours of Peel sessions are rotting on the shelf? What a shame.

  2. Not only did I discover that playlist I've just discovered this website and I've discovered that I'm not alone in missing the best radio show ever listened to by man. 2012 is great.

  3. Thanks for the link to Rockabilly DJ, top session material! Some new and some familiar. Thanks to Bill Smoker for playing the tunes. I listen to digital radio 6, they often air repeats of Mark Lamarr radio shows, a James Brown interview and Atlantic Records story to name two. I'm gonna mail them with the thought of airing the Jukebox sessions there; gotta be worth a shot? Best...x