Thursday, September 1, 2011

Aural Massage - Young Jessie - Do You Love Me (1955)

I first heard Young Jessie in 1983 on the NME Ace Case tape, listening with a mate on his Walkman on a coach on the A38 heading to an Elvis Costello gig in Bristol. Like many good R&B songs, Hit Git and Split's joyous energy made us both laugh out loud the first time around.  Released as a B side on Modern in 1955, "Do You Love Me" sounds like everyone was having fun here too.


  1. Mark, after listening again to a few of your old shows I got myself a studio 1, (soul, Jazz, records) - 'Jamaica soul shake' album. It's flippin brilliant and I'm ecstatic about it. Can you recommend any others of this ilk?
    Much appreciated

  2. terrible virus on my computer. apologies for the spelling errors.