Monday, August 1, 2011

Aural Massage - Carlton and The Shoes - Sweet Feeling (1971)

Carlton Manning conjures up a great tune with his group, who must have felt slightly miffed when they found themselves stuck with a new and far less hip name after a typo on their first release changed them from Shades to Shoes.  Suggestions welcome below for other vocal groups who might have suffered a similar fate...The Four Taps maybe?


  1. What a typo! Nice song though.
    Also, kind of off topic, but I thought people here might be interested: Barrence Whitfield, who was part of the God's Jukebox set at Latitude, was a guest on a radio show here in Boston last week. It was a fun show, 2 hours, and it's available online (though for how much longer I'm not sure). Go to and scroll down to Gorilla_Got_Me for Wed Jul 27 02:00 pm. The link downloads a playlist file that you can open in itunes or windows media player.

  2. Slightly unrelated: I always thought 'the Ink Spots' was a terrible name for a band, especially one who are so incredible. I think anyone can see the name they were 'given' was fanciful and a little racist. I'd liked to have named them something like 'The hypnotics' or something more akin to their sound.