Tuesday, July 12, 2011

...from Mark #20 - As up to date as I care to be

I've not been keeping my ear on the ball lately regarding new music. When I say lately, I probably mean since around 1981.  I don't consider myself any kind of musical luddite, nor do I consider the past to be a golden age. Good is good, bad is bad and there's always been much more of the latter to wade through.

I've been enjoying these two over the last few months, maybe you will too.


  1. I like these two tracks, although JD McPherson just has the edge. Hollie Cook's voice reminds me of someone from the 90's. I like the production (Dubby, which I'm only getting into in lat few months)
    I'm curious. I realise you were into rock & Roll from an early age but when did your taste go out in all directions (so to speak)?

  2. Apologies for the impertinent question but I'm writing a book about 'poverty, education, bad parenting and positive influences on children, such as music, laughter, talking, activity, positive interests i.e anything you can get your child to latch onto & explore'. i.e I don't think it would be a best seller. F

  3. As soon as you see Jimmy Sutton (bass) in a band, you know its going to be worth listening to them. Signs & Signifiers CD is in heavy rotation in my house these days. It's been a massive hit with the Rockabilly crowd.

  4. Great songs! I am loving JD McPherson! He will be in Boston in August, and I'll be there. I have also been checking out the bands from God's Jukebox at Latitude and I am hoping to see Barrence Whitfield that same week.
    I'm so glad this blog exists!

  5. as ever, im very much enjoying the posts made by all parties involved! i regularly post links to it on twitter and facebook and i know many people who also enjoy the varied and wonderful selection of music and info that is added.