Tuesday, June 14, 2011

...from Mark #18 - The Everly Brothers

Think of the Everly Brothers and certain aural images come to mind. Probably very pretty and beautifully crafted 50's pop songs. Which wouldn't be far wrong for that period of their career, but the Everlys recorded heavily during the non hit making mid 60's, and while their consistency may have dipped a little, their creativity was never in question. In fact most of their albums during this period contained at least one must have track. Here are a handful of favourites, showing just how wide a net they cast.  First off a classic:

though probably better known for the Who's cover version

and this versions equally noteworthy

A couple of blue eyed soul tracks worthy of the Righteous Bros,

,their unexpected tribute to Marijuana,

and finally, my favourite from this period and my favourite version of this song:

The following year they released Roots, one of the handful of influential Country Rock albums. More importantly, one of the best.  Go and search it out and find someone to explain to me why they're not more highly rated.

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  1. I think Don and Phil were too consistent in the sense their records during the 50's and 60's were too similar in style. Chuck Berry made Johnny B Goode in 1958 and I think this marked the buying (youth) public's departure for the Everlys. I totally agree that the roots album is superb but I think people had tired of the wholesome image etc. It's a pity as they should be able to reclaim recognition now. So no, I don't know why they're selling in bargain bins still.