Friday, June 3, 2011

...from Mark #17 - 6 78's

I'm not a big 78 collector, far too many disappointments getting them home cracked, but I do buy them on occasion.  Every now and again I'll dust off the pile, usually when it's getting about the size to be knocked over, and fire up the player.  Below are a handful of the tunes I enjoyed yesterday.  (Don't let anyone fool you, tunes DON'T sound better on 78).


  1. La La, well Fats Domino, and that's all I have to say about this one. Brilliant. His voice is unparalleled. Great tune.

    Love the Bob Wills one - It sounds like Leadbelly stuff. I like the track. He's gor a good voice. Lyrically nice n' melancholy.

    Spike Jones - Well, I'm not that opened-minded. Is the song suggesting taking a baby by the hair or Lula's boyfriend - I'm not getting it?

    Jimmie Rodgers track is superb & Leadbelly could belch and make it sound deep & meaningful.

    Sandford Clark's voice is a little weak but he's still quite good. I like the rockabilly guitar bit (technically speaking).

    I've got some 78s but i've never come across leadbelly, jimmie rodgers or Bob Wills. Where do you shop?

    Brilliant record fair (2nd-day) at the Meadows in Edinburgh today 10-5pm. Guy selling off all his current 45,000 record stock for £2 an LP. People were taking home as much as could fit into car. Loads of bluegrass, country, blues, 20's, 30's, 40's, 70's Jazz, No Alexander Brothers or Kyle Minogue in sight.

  2. My my, well flump me, aren't 'The Country Gentleman feat. Ricky Saggs' great.
    This isn't a platitude.

  3. I really wouldn't get too worked up about the finer points of a novelty record from 1953, though you could probably get a job running BBC radio with that twitchiness !
    As to where I find my records, anywhere I can , though the 78s are almost always from car boot sales. The Jimmie Rodgers ones are relatively easy to find, I think I've got about half a dozen over the years. The others are a little tougher, though the Leadbelly was actually a very kind leaving gift from a listener to Gods Jukebox. Which is more than Radio 2 gave me.
    I'm rather envious of the record fair, I've only ever been to one in Edinburgh and it was the first record fair I ever left empty handed.

  4. I'm not worked up I simply don't like 'Novelty' records, for instance, I don't like christmas songs or nursery rhymes. In solidarity with the Lamarr tradition I bought a Joan Baez christmas LP at the fair - it's rubbish. With regards to running the BBC - This is one of the worst insults I can think of, bearing in mind I own one of the most off-the-wall collections in the entire world. My Nazi tendancies are not honed enough to run a corporation + I don't have balls - I'm more akin to a sedentiary Jewish cake seller.

    The record fair was brilliant. One guy had approx. 700 lp's.
    I was late to the fair and there were massive gaps in the boxes. I got;
    1- bound to ride by Dawker mountain valley boys
    2- identified by nashville string band
    3- together once more by the dixie gentlemen
    4- the country gentlemen ft. ricky skaggs
    5- Complete mckinney's cotton pickers vol 1/2
    6- Merle Haggard & Bonnie Owens (makes 2 of us)
    7- goin' steppin by jumbo string band
    8- red allen & his friends 1932-1956
    9- joan baez on vangard
    10- joe turner, the boss of the blues
    11- Noel - joan baez
    12- fairport convention, in real time
    13- Elvis Presley, interviews & memories of sun years.
    14- best of john coltrane
    15- Cajun fiddle
    16- the mitchell trio, that's the way it's gonna be.
    17- Merle Haggard + strangers - let me tell you about a love song.

    I'm a bit dubious about some but I was late. other sold piles had soul, funk, jazz - very annoying.

    Supposedly the fair is at the meadows every year on the first weekend in June. I was at another stall for an hour until i walked round the corner and saw this massive stall.

  5. The only Christmas records I have been able to tolerate were played on your shows. I'm thinking it was because they were off-set with a sarcastic interlude between songs from a man who hates Christmas season. This appealed to me.

  6. I'm not sure where best to leave a comment like this, Mark, as I obviously can't pop off a request/recommendation email via R2, I hope this will do...

    As I was listening to a series of 7" records from Pickwick, a local band, for the umpteenth time, it struck me you might like them. They're a garage-soul type outfit from Seattle. Fantastic records (they haven't finished a full LP yet), and really wonderful live. They actually get staid Seattle crowds to dance.

    Anyway, hope you give 'em a listen! I'm so glad this blog exists.