Sunday, May 29, 2011

...from Mark #16 - Gus "The Groove" Lewis - Let The Groove Move You

I had a lot of particularly fine Funk bands as session artists on God’s Jukebox over the years, not particularly because I'm big on Funk, just because there are a lot of great practitioners at the moment. However, to a man (and woman) every one of them followed the Meters/New Orleans/Allen Toussaint blueprint rather than the James Brown template. Perhaps because it's pretty tough to pull off any version of J.B.  I'm not well versed enough in the Funk to call this track unique, but it's surely a relatively rare example of the two styles pollinating on one disc. And what a disc:

though Gus (more on him here) surely owes a little to Robert Parker

My favourite James Brown track of the day is this one, this version featuring his daughter doing some "spirited"  moves , though rather ignoring the beat. No doubt there was a pocket money fine involved.

And here's the album version, which is far better

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  1. This is the first time I've heard Gus Lewis as I'm a bit of a philistine on all matters.

    However, I can claim to have adored James Brown's 'Hell' from the age of 13. OK, I didn't fetch his heart medication but let's just say my fascination with music came on leaps & bounds on discovering 'Papa don't take no mess'.

    Fist time I have seen him perform with his tiny daughter. It bothers me that she has better genes than me. Let's face it she's got better genes than most everyone. And I disagree with your docking pocket money thing. If my daughter could dance like this I'd immediatley contact mensa.

    Excellent video - I think I'll watch it again. It's hard to imagine James Brown changing nappies but somehow I know he would be the coolest nappy-changer ever.

    I'm not sure about Rufus Thomas. Good but not rushing out to buy it. He's too keen or something.