Saturday, May 14, 2011

...from Mark #14 - Rico - Africa

Another Charlie Gillett related post this week, a man who I'm enjoying musically more now than when he was alive, largely because of this always-excellent site.
Throughout the 70's and 80's Charlie’s broadcasts were limited to London so I never got the chance to hear them til lately. I've listened to a bundle this week and particularly enjoyed this one where Charlie fruitlessly interrogates the great Rico Rodriguez.  Rico is a famously reserved gentleman, though what he lacks in verbiage he more than makes up for in cool.  This show was celebrating Rico’s masterpiece 'Man From Wareika' (the Wareika hills being the Rastafarian heartland) , a particular favourite of Charlies. The timing of the show is perfect, only a decade after Rico was releasing that string of great ska instrumentals and a few years before his rebirth with the Specials.

Let's hope people are still making this type of radio forever.

Incidentally while I was flitting around youtube I came across this

a pretty superb version of my favourite ska tune Don Drummonds Alipang 



  1. With regards to the Charlie Gillett radio show with Rico Rodriguez. What incredible tracks.The track where Charlie is advising listeners to buy Don Drummond album and Rico says 'I performed in for Dupree 20 years ago' My god, this track is so beautiful. Trombone, Joy. Keyboard, Joy. Drum bit at end, Joy. Incredibly Joyful. Timeing almost sounds improvised (well i suppose music is in a way). My god...I'm not sure what the track is called but I'm assuming it's on 'Man from Wareika'. I'm moving to Jamaica as soon as I can purchase all these albums.
    Charlie Gillett sounds like a gentleman. He's very easy to listen to.
    I only recently purchased the Skatalites suff but they are a bit magical.

  2. The track in question is 'Let George Do It' by Rico from the Don Drummond memorial album, most of which is by Don Drummond. It's a Duke Reid recording (those Jamaican accents can be hard to decipher !).


  3. Ive also got a problem with Scottish, English, Irish & Welsh accents.
    Currently waiting pregnantly until 'Don Drummond memorial' & 'man from Wareika, dub version' arrive.

  4. Re: Don Drummond Memorial album - Jesus, Mohammed + Ghandi would be proud of this record.
    Why do they not give this album to sick people.
    The little hommage to 'Ring of Fire' on 'Occupation' almost vindicates 'Ring of Fire' or indeed figuratively speaking I now want to build a ring of fire.
    'Man from Wareika, dub version' sounds very good but I'm realising I'll prefer the original maybe. Needs more listening.
    Don Drummond Memorial probably in my top 100 LP's.