Monday, May 16, 2011

Featured Album - Salsa Mundo: Colombia

Released on BGP at the end of April, Salsa Mundo: Colombia has 18 tunes from Columbia, covering the 60's and 70's. Here's a handful below. (Apologies in advance for the sexist images accompanying some of these tunes, posted by the up-loaders to YouTube).


  1. Like 'Sonora Dinamita a Ritmo Deta' but not sure about the fuill nudity. Wganda Kenya, Shakalaode is extremely funky (I can see it in the summer months being blasted out in someone's garden). Sounds like a good album. Definete possible purchase.
    I'm sure there is a seedy little South American man who uploads these images.

  2. On Youtube I mean - sitting with a video camera and all the dirty bits of magazines + a few album covers to hand.
    I freely & openly love all South American people apart from
    1) my ex-boyfriend's wife, &
    2) Men who use video cameras & concentrate mainly on thin & naked women.