Wednesday, April 13, 2011

...from Mark #9 - RIP Ferlin Husky – 3/12/25 – 17/3/11

Featured in a recent post, Ferlin Husky was a major minor country star throughout the early 50’s till the mid 70’s, and a particularly fine one.  He first recorded as Terry Preston, thinking his real name was too country for a country audience, an illogicality which will trouble me till death, before a country No.1 in 1953 with Jean Shepard, the mawkish and oft parodied "A Dear John Letter".  On top of his own career Ferlin also masqueraded as hick comedian Simon Crum and issued a series of country comedy records under that name. 

Back in 2004 I compiled an album of pre Rock n Roll country and included a couple of Ferlin’s sides including the one below, which Johnny Cash later did a great version of.  If you're interested in that type of sound, here's the album.  Dirt-cheap and not a penny goes to me. A good job is its own reward.

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