Sunday, April 24, 2011

...from Mark #12 RIP - Kent Morrill - 16/04/2011

One of the highlights of God’s Jukebox for me was the amazing Sonics coming in for a session and some of you may remember my rather tireless mentions of that fact over the preceding months.  Every now and then when I'd walk into the Maida Vale Studio as a band were rehearsing / soundchecking, it was obvious everything was going to be perfect,
and those omens were more than confirmed when their sound man came to say hello. " Hi, I'm Buck Ormsby".  Died and gone to heaven twice in five minutes.

Buck was the bass player in the Sonics spiritual predecessors, the fabulous 'Fabulous Wailers' who I'd managed to see in storming form at the Ponderosa Stomp in New Orleans a few years before.

The Wailers original lead singer Kent Morrill passed last week and the Ace Records website posted a more than worthwhile tribute. (Uncredited but I'd guess written by Alec Palao).

And the Sonics carrying on the legacy

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  1. Beautiful tracks. I think the Sonics just come out over the Fabulous Wailers, although the vocal on the Fabulous Wailers is amazing. I prefer the Sonic version due to it ticking over in a more comely fashion.
    Anyway, with regard to Mark's and commenters comments on Mark's Blogs and frankly the linear route of seemingly better music fan's discovery pattens. I have a story.
    Bert Jansch is one of my all time favourites and when i'm dead he will still be my favourite.
    I discovered him when I was trying to 'get-off' with a bloke on my course. He said he worshipped BJ - I said I had all his stuff. I crammed for 2 weeks (buying & reading) I dated the guy - he proposed marrage - I didn't accept. I still have Bert. I have a story about Singer from Cocteau Twins almost beating me up in female toilet but you'd have to email me.