Friday, April 22, 2011

...from Mark #11 - My Night Out

I actually left the house yesterday to go to a gig! Not only to watch but actually the first bit of djing I've done in a long time. It was at the International Ska Festival, where I'd originally been booked to spin before the Ska Flames.

The Ska Flames did a handful of London gigs about twenty years ago and became well deserved overnight sensations, certainly the nearest thing to the Skatalites I know of.

Unfortunately, due to the tragic situation in Japan, the Ska Flames decided the trip couldn't be made, so I ended up djing for one of the sweetest voices in Jamaican music, Ken Boothe.  Ken's a very youthful 63, so a good decade younger than someone I'd normally go to see, and still has all the necessary pipes for a pretty perfect show, including this beauty and this one, strangely enough written by the woefully underrated Kenny Lynch.

Many years ago I mentioned to Mr Lynch, how his song was a Jamaican staple, of which he was completely unaware. Eventually I ran off a cassette of Jamaican versions which he was delighted to hear.  Here's some more Kenny for the northern soul fans amongst you and another favourite and finally one written by him,

But I digress, back to Ken. He didn't perform this one last night, nor, as far as I remember, when I've seen him in the past.

His equally good, can't decide which I like best version of this

which was sampled in the equal but different this 

 I had such a fine time watching Ken and both the supports,James Hunter ( who did more Gods Jukebox sessions than anyone) and Giuliano Palma and the Bluebeaters, that I carried on the evening elsewhere and managed to top it all with my favourite performance of the night.  A great 11 piece Ska band from Manchester with an atrocious name, but who I can't wait to see live again.  (It picks up about 3 minutes in if you don't buy it from the off, it really was a superb gig moment, crushed at the front eye to eye with the cardboard box!)

So there you go, Kenny Lynch,the Game, the WuTang and a ska cover of Beastie Boys song in one post. This would've made a good radio show one day.


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  2. So glad my love of Doctor Who led me to Nevermind the Buzzcocks which led me to Mark which led me to this site and a bunch of really great music!

  3. I was there for that last show too. A fun night, good people.. Gaz knows how to throw a party.

  4. 'Is it because I'm black', the Ken Boothe version is a bit of a masterpiece. I've only heard it by Nicky Thomas. I think I like the Ken Boothe version more. Powerful stuff.