Monday, April 18, 2011

...from Mark #10 - El Gran Combo - Achilipu (1971)

It's a strange old world when one becomes obsessed with music, and the twists and turns and treasures that obsession leads to.  For many years I've been a rather too obsessive collector of Christmas records, plainly a largely unrewarding pastime.  BUT if it hadn't been for that I probably wouldn't have come across El Gran Combo of Puerto Rico, a Salsa powerhouse who happened to release a far better than average Christmas album 'En Navidad'.

Had I not picked that up, I probably wouldn't have picked this up a few weeks ago, and my life would have been 4 minutes poorer. 

A blog is for sharing, so share.  What strange musical path led you from A to unlikely B?


  1. My mum, on realising I was slightly obsessed with vinyl, got it into her head I liked everything because I expressed an interest in her Sarah Vaughn record. On returning from her trip to the car boot one Sunday she produced; a Natalie cole 12", house of the rising sun 7", a Hammond organ 45, an Alexander O'Neil 45 & a Jimmy Rushing 45. I only have one of these in my collection now. The comedy value of the others having diminished significantly by the age of 18.

  2. In 2005, a friend gave me the album "The Hare's Dream" by Drogheda band Reynardine for Christmas. While the entire album is rather wonderful and still on regular rotation in my flat, it was their version of "Early Morning Rain" that captured me most, the song becoming one of my all-time favourites and sending me on a hunt for every version ever recorded, which eventually led me to a cover version by Richard Hawley, which in turn introduced me to one of the finest music catalogues I've ever discovered and, last year with his EP "False Lights", had me started on old sea shanties. It never ends...

  3. Come on Mark, how can a proper music fan really answer that one...It's a myriad of different ways worshipers find their feet.
    I bought a JJ Cale's 'Naturally' (def top 20 favourite on good day) thinking it was John Cale of the VU (I was 15 but keen). Dolly Parton def made me KNOW i loved most country. Even an album cover which looked remotely like it was good would hook me initially (to part with my 50p).
    I'm guessing most of the visitors to this site have not posted a comment due to the fact it's pretty difficult to post, what with the tricky 'select a profile' thingy.
    It works better if you open wordpress et. al in another browser while trying to post a comment. If this is the case email michael who's running the site and I'm sure he'll sort you out.

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  5. The anonymous selection didn't work for me last week.

  6. was away for a bit and missed a few posts, this one made me laugh, as I have, on many occasions, gone looking for one song, and ended up with a totally different genre, or song, and it is always a pleasent suprise (I am still not entirely sure I like country music, but I keep trying )