Sunday, March 13, 2011

...from Mark #5 - George Jones - The Grand Tour (1974)

I've been lucky enough to meet many musical greats over the years and the old saying ' never meet your heroes ' isn't always true.

However, I think I may well be at the ' never see your heroes live' age.  I went to see George Jones this week at  a strawberry fair (whatever that may be) in Florida . 

God bless him, he's knocking on 80 and perhaps there should be some sort of preservation order in place to keep our legends in legendary fashion.  I managed two songs before I left . 

Better to remember him like this, a well deserved country No.1 from 1974, by which point George had already had a pretty consistently superb recording career for almost 20 years. This is exactly why many consider him the greatest country singer of all time.


  1. I saw him a couple of years ago at The Ryman and it was pretty bad. His voice is gone. I'm a huge fan as well so it was quite disappointing.

  2. But that's the greatest thing about music. The artist themselves might deteriorate (no one can live forever) but their music will always live on and (hopefully) keep touching new lives and providing bittersweet memories for the people who have heard them before.

    I've never been too much of a country music person but I remember listening to George Jones in my dad's garage as a little girl. He loved George Jones (hense the bittersweet memories mentioned above).