Saturday, March 5, 2011

...from Mark #4 - Ludacris - Freaky Thangs Ft Twista Jagged (2001)

For the first few years of God's Jukebox there was a rap track every week, provoking no end of " But I don't like rap complaints".

Following the whole Ross/Brand silliness, everything changed in broadcasting and suddenly 3 people had to listen to everything I wanted to play before I could play it, leading to endless stupidity on behalf of the bosses and endless frustration on behalf of me. For at least a year, I was denied two or three tracks a week, ranging from Jimmy Driftwood to the Duke Of Iron to the Fugees! It became pretty obvious the rap slot had to go if I wasn't allowed to play any. I quietly dropped it, provoking no end of "But I like rap" complaints. Which just goes to show you something, but I have no idea what.
This track is one I repeatedly tried to sneak through. Twista and Ludacris at the top of their forms; funny, filthy and funky.


  1. It shows you that people are going to bitch no matter what.

  2. An interesting insight into life at the BBC. Hire a person who has passion and knowledge. Then do everything to nullify that passion and knowledge based on the perception / fear what the Daily Mail might think. Probably overstating it but really missing the show.

  3. Obvious news about the BBC. Personally I find them a little right-wing sometimes.
    This Ludacris track just goes to prove that Mr L has certainly not been sourcing his music from his brother (or homey, as some say), Steve Wright.