Sunday, February 27, 2011

...from Mark #3 - Little Walter - It's Too Late Brother (1956)

Rolling Stone Playlists:

Quite an interesting selection of choices here. I've interviewed far too many artists over the years and it's always fascinated me how some are music obsessives while others seem utterly uninterested and perhaps less influenced by others.  This Rolling Stone selection rather vindicates that, inspired and educated choices by some (Bruno Mars for example), workmanlike obviousness from others (see Annie Lennox).  Iggy Pops' s certainly one of the most interesting, as a teenager he was obsessed with Chicago blues and saw all the greats live on trips to Chicago, the Muddies, the Wolfs, Junior Wells, you name it.  This Little Walter track has somehow passed me by til now.  It's an unremarkable solo by his standards (he'd often switch harmonicas mid phrase, just for show) but it has a groove to die for. Or in this case, to kill for.


  1. These posts from Mark have quickly become a highlight for me. While there are still some good artist that bring about something spectacular from time to time, most of the music today all pretty much sounds the same. It's so refreshing to be able to hear something new (even if it has been around for a while). I just wish I would have found out about God's jukebox and Mark's other radio shows before they were done (I live in the States).

  2. I wish Mark was still on the radio