Sunday, February 13, 2011

...from Mark #1 - Bobby Ellis & The Crystalites - Step Softly (1967)

Derrick Harriott is quite a cornerstone artist of Jamaican music. As a teenager in the 50's he formed the doo-woppy vocal group The Jiving Juniors, went solo and made some beautiful rocksteady in the mid 60's
on his own Crystal label (as well as producing great records by others) and was recording right through the 90's. Up til pretty recently he was also still serving behind the counter of Derrick Harriott's record shop in Kingston. I know, because I bought this off him in that very store.  The generic house band at Crystal were, of course, called the Crystalites and this masterpiece of control was released under the name of their trumpeter Bobby Ellis in 1967. A record that has never ceased to amaze and delight me over the last twenty years , the whole band are at their peak but it's the drum fills that get me every time (Joe Isaac ?).
Rocksteady was rarely ever this moody. This ones on a ton of compilations, (including the Trojan Mod Reggae Box) and I'd bet they're all pretty great.


  1. Great that you can share here..(hopefully for the time being)
    My TV license has been scrapped this year.. can't find anything worthy on TV or radio :) As we see in North Africa the net is the way to revolution.. Hope that the TV & radio catch up. Tired of being fed Simon Cowell's male "diva's"

  2. Wow that made me tear up a bit and reminded me of my dad. He loved all different kinds of music and this is something he would have listened to. Thanks for sharing it!